Crypto SEO Agency using Growth-Based method of SEO


The Growth-based Method™ of crypto SEO is for people who are on the most innovative edge of crypto, blockchain, or web 3 technology but whose potential customers are not. 

We focus on serving people who want to be known for shaping the crypto and web3 industry.

We promise that by working with us YOU will get noticed and understood by your future customers.

“Gretchen is manipulating, tricking, undermining and basically making Google her bitch.” November 2020

“[Gretchen] looks at the way that search works, the SEO works, the way the SEO impacts artificial intelligence, the way that natural language processing relates to the binary code.” June, 2021

“The curious search results are no accident. They’re the work of Gretchen Andrew, a self-proclaimed “Internet Imperialist” and “search engine artist” who has gamed Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” October, 2020

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Who is The growth-based Method™ of Crypto SEO for?

You’re an innovator, a disrupter who believes in the value of Web 3, crypto, blockchain technology and decentralization. You know you are relatively early and you know that’s why the opportunity ahead of you is so big. Compared to most of the world you are an early adopter, but not all of your future customers are on the frontier with you…yet.

You think this new world is essential. You want to share it with people. We help you do the generous and audacious work of saying to your future customers, “I see a better alternative; come with me.”

We will do this together.

What is the Growth-Based™ of Crypto SEO?

The Growth-Based Method™

  • Understand how the world sees a company and take control of how it wants to be seen
  • As much about defining what a company wants to be as much as it is about executing the exposure
  • Focuses intent asks you to distill what a company is
  • Translating conversations between people using different words or words that are not yet defined. Inventing and adapting responsive language systems.
  • Translating conversations between humans and technology
  • Exposure, reputation, and ultimately lead generating

Why work with us for YOUR crypto SEO?

We are created for and focused specifically as Crypto SEO Agency.

We work exclusively with crypto, Web3, and blockchain companies by navigating and controlling the regulatory impact, language invention, and language conflation. Using our unique demand-based model we identify and build artificially intelligent language models that bridge the gaps between you, your future customers, and Google.   We don’t know of anyone else doing this for their customers. Do you?

How to get started on the Growth-Based Method of Crypto SEO

  1. Send us your email address
  2. We will present you with initial recommendations and an implementation plan
  3. You start getting noticed and understood by your future customers

It’s also about the internet and, specifically, the intricacies of language. Gretchen employs SEO techniques to reveal the holes in what the internet knows. She is fascinated by systems – she likes learning the rules to figure out where they bend.WeTransfer, 2019

Crypto SEO Agency

Crypto SEO Agency using Growth-Based method of SEO

AI SEO only looks backwards. Your Company looks forwards.

Every search is a real problem someone is looking for a solution to at that exact moment. Keyword research involves considering the following data points with an eye to search volume (present & trends) as well as how likely we would be to rank (how competitive is the search landscape).  

Much of this research is highly data-driven. 

But content and data from AI only is made entirely on what has come before. We look forwards in two distinct ways:

  1. We integrate this research with linguistic and natural language trends based on Web3’s evolving terminology.   
  2. We integrate your company’s vision of success into the strategy. 

Here’s how:

  1. This starts with data that shows how Google and the world understand your company. 
  2. The Growth-Based method of SEO is as much about defining what you want your company to be as it is about executing the exposure.  We take the time to understand and focus on your intent, and ask you to really distill what your company is capable of.  
  3. We develop a strategy based on the intersection of who you want to be with the opportunities we see through integrating linguistic and natural language trends based on Web3’s evolving terminology.  

A company that is creating the future cannot rely on AI made from language models based in the past.

– Gretchen Andrew