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Are you thinking of launching a Web3 product and curious about the current market size? Search demands and trends indicate how many people are looking for you to turn your idea into a business.

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AI SEO only looks backwards. Your Company looks forwards.

Every search is a real problem someone is looking for a solution to at that exact moment. Keyword research involves considering the following data points with an eye to search volume (present & trends) as well as how likely we would be to rank (how competitive is the search landscape).  

Much of this research is highly data-driven. 

But content and data from AI only is made entirely on what has come before. We look forwards in two distinct ways:

  1. We integrate this research with linguistic and natural language trends based on Web3’s evolving terminology.   
  2. We integrate your company’s vision of success into the strategy. 

Here’s how:

  1. This starts with data that shows how Google and the world understand your company. 
  2. The Growth-Based method of SEO is as much about defining what you want your company to be as it is about executing the exposure.  We take the time to understand and focus on your intent, and ask you to really distill what your company is capable of.  
  3. We develop a strategy based on the intersection of who you want to be with the opportunities we see through integrating linguistic and natural language trends based on Web3’s evolving terminology.  

A company that is creating the future cannot rely on AI made from language models based in the past.

– Gretchen Andrew